Uproar Church Print Project Update

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your reply and decision. Unfortunately we will not be able to grant a refund. There are several items that have factored into this decision. Those items are listed below:

    • Artwork Discoloration – We printed the exact artwork that was delivered via email so any discoloration would have been due to inconsistent file format or designer related issues. We explained via phone call to Modisty that screenshots from a phone will not produce accurate colors to a print machine, which any experienced designer would know. Even the emailed images did not match the colors requested.
    • Policies – All policies of our business can be found here: https://azprintshop.co/product/full-color-heat-transfers/ (the techology used to print this rush order) WE CANNOT COLOR MATCH (This has been in place for almost two years.) Due to the high demand and tremedous amount of orders we print daily, we rely on the designers to provide us with color-ready artwork. We were willing to look at the original file and see if it would assist with getting close to the colors desired, but were never sent the original vector file format. We only recieved images which is what was producing the possible color issues.
    •  Timeframe – (45 shirts in 5 hours) The job was processed same day with very little time to take any extra steps for any error as to meet your deadline. The extra time negotiating and lowering the price of the invoice was a major factor in even having time to work on the this job.
      The items that you received were bought and paid for, there is no need to spend more time and more funds on shipping the items back because they would be no use to our business.

Thank you again and we are sorry this did not turn out the way we had hoped.

Michael Williams